Are the cherries from the weeping cherry tree edible?

Answer Weeping cherry trees are considered ornamental flowering trees. The cherries they produce are not for eating. They are tart and sour with very little meat on the cherry due to the large pit. Some s... Read More »

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Cherries from a weeping fountain cherry tree?

They are not poisonous but they are not going to taste sweet either. Really tart and hard. Not good for eating. The weeping cherry tree *is* purely ornamental.

Weeping cherry blossom tree is no longer weeping, flowers are white instead of pink..?

prune back the upright white flowering branches all the way to their base. graft incompatibility

Do I need 2 types of cherry trees to produce edible cherries?

That depends on what variety of tree you have. 'Stella' is a self-fertile type - which means you would only need one. It is also an excellent pollinator for many other varieties. 'Sunburst' is also... Read More »

Are weeping cherry fruit edible?

bit into one yesterday.. it tastes like a shaped like a small apple and tasted like an apple, but still don't know if its safe to eat..was thinking could juice them into apple juice/cider