Help Me! I am going to see a House Tomorrow?

Answer Don't ask any at first, show disapproval.Then ask to see all of the rooms.Look in all of the corners for mould shadow and around the windows.Feel the walls front and back at low level.Look at the f... Read More »

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Going to the dentist tomorrow, scared!?

Well, when it comes to dental pain, I'm the biggest coward going...and I've had lots of cavities and thus numbings. The pain is negligible. Sometimes it doesn't hardly hurt at all, sometimes just... Read More »

I'm going to quit smoking tomorrow any tips?

My Uncle didn't quit smoking - he just decided not to smoke that day and the day after and the day after...He remained a smoker, and when asked if he wanted to sit in smoking or non-smoking he alwa... Read More »

Is Victorias Secret going to be open tomorrow?

Yes they are open as all almost all retail establishments, and yes I'm sure there will be sales. Everybody will have them.

Going to the doctors tomorrow, please help?

Suppositories are small, you'll barely feel it being inserted. Enemas can be uncomfortable because of the pressure, but they don't hurt. Cheers.