Are the chances of getting a virus high from downloading limwire?

Answer with norton 360 you should be safe... any and all messages saying there might be a virus from Limewire have norton imediatly clean that file.just be causious of limewire please

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Im thinking of downloading limwire but I heard it has so many viruses and it will make your computer slow?

No there are other options besides Limwire. Everyone I know that has it has a really slow computer.

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Three things are thought to reduce BP and the risk of developing hypertension the disease.1) Be as close to your ideal weight as possible.2) Keep your salt intake low.3) Take regular,vigorous exerc... Read More »

How to Avoid Downloading a Virus from Limewire?

This is a general guide to avoiding viruses embedded in files commonly found in the file sharing program Limewire.Before you even download a file always ignore the star count rating next to the fil... Read More »

Can you get a virus from downloading on Lime Wire 4.12.14?

You can get a virus from downloading anything, from anywheres. You need to scan any files you download with a reputable anti-virus scanner before opening them. Also check file sizes on Limewire bef... Read More »