Are the calories from alcohol making me fat?

Answer On One Hand: Try Alcohol on the RocksFewer than five percent of the calories you take in from alcohol consumption convert to fat. Most calories associated with alcohol intake come from mixers such ... Read More »

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How many calories does alcohol have?

The number of calories in an alcoholic beverage vary greatly. With one drink defined as a 12 ounce beer, one ounce of liquor or two to four ounces of wine, the caloric contents are as follows: beer... Read More »

Is it unhealthy to get most of your calories from alcohol?

Yes it is very unhealthy. Other than the long term health effects of heavy drinking (like liver disease, oesophageal cancer, etc.), people who drink alcohol to a point that it replaces a significa... Read More »

If there are no carbs in alcohol, why are there still calories?

All alcoholic beverages contain calories because alcohol has about 7 calories per gram. Distilled spirits--such as vodka and whiskey--contain no carbs, while beers, wines and cordials contain varyi... Read More »

What are the calories in hard alcohol?

The average shot glass holds 1-1/2 oz. of hard liquor and is equivalent to 97 calories, according to AsktheDietitian. If you add 6 oz. of cola to the shot, the resulting drink contains approximatel... Read More »