Are the california cows really happy?

Answer they should be happy they live in california

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Is Milk really cows blood?

i am studying vet medicicne and i studied milk formation process in my collegei think that the nutritionist dont mean thatas milk is formed from fatiacids which produced from fermentation of feed t... Read More »

How about it would you really eat Cows tongue ?

Sliced thin and fried up with butter. Its actually pretty good. Much better than tripe, which is cow stomach, which is a delicacy I would prefer to do without..How people stomach it...I dont know..... Read More »

LADIES:Is there really such thing a "Happy Period"?

Sure, for the first few minutes when you can do the "Thank God I'm not pregnant dance" or at least that's what me and my future husband do every month.

Could I have a star it would make me really happy?

You don't need a star because your a star and shine like one too :)