Are the any companies making wooden computers?

Answer Wow! WHAT a concept! It could open up a whole NEW Line of Business Opportunities! I can JUST imagine the Repair Geek coming over to fix my Wooden PC & announcing; "Here's your Problem... -You've go... Read More »

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When did they stop making wooden spools?

Companies switched to producing plastic instead of wooden spools for thread in the 1980s. However, wooden spools are still produced today and sold for craft purposes through craft supply vendors.Re... Read More »

Instructions for Making Wooden Toys?

Wooden toys are classics that every child enjoys. Wooden blocks provide hours of entertainment. They can be made into castles, pirate ships, villages, cities, and so much more. A child's imaginatio... Read More »

What Types of Companies Use Mainframe Computers?

Mainframes are large computers designed to handle great volumes of complex data and process bulk information at very high speeds. They have the ability to run multiple operating systems, hold hundr... Read More »

Steps for Making Wooden Jewelry Boxes?

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