Are the altie anti-vaxers responsible for deaths?

Answer As you know, I try and answer most of the vaccine questions on Y!A. The anti-vaxxers do concern me and they are a massive threat to public health. In short, they lie and fear-monger. In answer to ... Read More »

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Tobacco companies responsible for deaths and illness?

Yes. They should be at least! They probably know that it is killing people based on what we have known for quite some time now. So if they are going to continue to make ciggarets and junk with taba... Read More »

Are ANY of the altie regulars brave enough to denounce KTT's 'women who are pro vaccine deserve rape' posts?

Thankyou for posting, lo_mcg. KTT seems to be having one of his episodes lately. I notice that he has outbursts every now and again. I'm not really sure he contributes anything towards AltMed eithe... Read More »

In US battle deaths what is nontheatre battle deaths?

They are estimated because they have so little soldiers and not as many union soldiers.

My in laws find vegetarianism offensive, anti-patriotic, and anti-Bible help!?

Sorry but they're nuts. Tell them you find THEM offensive. They obviously don't listen to reason. though you could pull the old "before the Fall everyone was a vegetarian, it's the natural state of... Read More »