Are the air purifiers by rabbit air good?

Answer On One Hand: They Work Well and Are EfficientRabbit Air systems operate very quietly, cleaning the air with a series of filters that not only remove particles but that are also germicidal. These sy... Read More »

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Are Holmes air purifiers good?

On One Hand: They're CheapAccording to Air Purifier Power, the Holmes models of air purifiers are cheaply manufactured and have the added drawback of requiring frequent, expensive filter replacemen... Read More »

Can rabbit fur make a good utility jacket?

Rabbit fur is a poor choice for a utility jacket. Fur is not nearly as strong as leather, denim or other materials commonly used in utility jackets; and rabbit fur, especially, is classified among ... Read More »

Differences Between a Jack Rabbit & a Domestic Rabbit?

There is a world of difference between a jack rabbit and a domestic rabbit. The species are related, but the animals' behavior, color and some characteristics are quite different. Jack rabbits are ... Read More »

How do I tell a female rabbit from a male rabbit?

Tail Anal AreaFlip the rabbit over so the belly and genital area is exposed over the anus and tail, according to the House Rabbit Network. Males have a rounder shaped opening than a female, which h... Read More »