How to Hike in the Rocky Mountains?

Answer The rocky mountainsHiking in the rock mountains isn't easy. There are many obstacles, rocks, snow, etc. You need to be careful at all times in hiking. This article will help you. Here is how to do!

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Places of Interest in the Rocky Mountains?

The Rocky Mountains stretch from the northern reaches of British Columbia in Canada to northern New Mexico. Within this 3,000 miles of jagged peaks, there are many areas that tourists like to seek ... Read More »

When did Lewis& Clark reach the Rocky Mountains?

Lewis and Clark first reached the Rockies on July 16, 1805. Clark was the first person to name the mountain chain they were at the "Rocky Mountains." They reached the range at a point called the "T... Read More »

Is Gatlinburg, Tennessee, part of the smoky mountains?

Gatlinburg, Tennessee, is situated adjacent to Smoky Mountain National Park. Even though it's not technically inside the park, Gatlinburg is nestled among the Smoky Mountains. This prime location h... Read More »

How to Buy Land in the Mountains?

Many people dream of buying land in the mountains but careful research must be conducted before making a rural land acquisition. Purchasing undeveloped mountain land is often more affordable than b... Read More »