Are the Ten Commandments different by denomination?

Answer There are two slightly different variations of the Ten Commandments. Catholics use one, Protestants, the other. Both groups vary slightly because they arrange and word the commandments differently... Read More »

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What denomination is L Ray Smith?

L. Ray Smith himself claims not to be a member of any sort of Christian denomination. He claims that he is in fact a member of "The Body of Christ---The Church of the Living God."Source:Bible-Trut... Read More »

Christian Denomination Colleges?

Since the United States began, Christian denominations have organized and supported colleges. These schools were meant to reflect the religious beliefs and convictions of the denomination. Many of ... Read More »

What is the largest Christian denomination?

Roman Catholics are the largest Christian group that exists today, with over a billion adherents. The other main branches of Christianity are Orthodox, Protestant and Anglican. Even though they hav... Read More »

What denomination is harvard college?

Harvard is not, and has never been, affiliated with any religious denomination. Initially, Harvard University followed the puritanical principals that were popular among the founders. In the very b... Read More »