Are sesame street characters Muppets?

Answer yes but only some of them

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Did the muppets appear in sesame street?

Yes, commencing with Big Bird. these were true Muppets designed and engineered by Jim Henson. In effect the Muppets settled down on Sesame street after a peripatetic migration as a sort of touring ... Read More »

Were the muppets from sesame street?

No, Sesame Street started their own show before the Muppets. Sesame Street has Big Bird, Elmo, Vegie Monster (a.k.a Cookie Monster). Muppets have Miss Piggy, Kermit, and Bozie. There are others to ... Read More »

Did the muppets appear on sesame street?

Yes, but originally they were a roving act that did excerpts on other shows such as Jimmy Dean ( not the deceased actor) and so on. Probably the first Muppet was Kermit the Frog. I can recall a pan... Read More »

Is there a judge on Sesame street or the muppets?

There are 2 judges, hecklers, on the Muppets; Statler and Waldorf.