Are the Olympic gold medals solid gold or plated?

Answer Today's Olympic gold medals are not solid gold, they are now gold plated. The last true solid gold medal was made in 1912 for the 1912 Olympics in Stockholm, Sweden. Gold medals are made with 550g ... Read More »

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Are Olympic medals solid gold?

The Olympic gold medal is not 100 percent gold. The majority of the medal is made from silver. Six grams of 24 karat gold covers the outside. The medals for the Winter Olympics are often made of no... Read More »

In what year did they stop making the Olympic gold medals out of pure gold?

According to, the final medals made entirely of gold were presented in 1912. Gold medals of today are 92.5 percent silver with an accompaniment of gold plating. Medals from the 2010 W... Read More »

Who is the only javelin thrower in Olympic history to win three gold medals& four total medals?

Jan Zelezny is the only javelin thrower to win three gold medals and four total medals. The Czech Republic athlete took silver at the Seoul games in 1988, and gold in Barcelona in 1992, Atlanta in ... Read More »

What man has won the most Olympic gold medals?

Michael Phelps is the man who has won the most Olympic gold medals overall as of 2010. He won them swimming in the 2004 and 2008 Summer Olympic Games representing the United States.Source:Team USA:... Read More »