Are the Monster Jamz ear buds any good?

Answer Not at all get Skullcandy

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Are the Lil' Jamz good earbuds?

I got these headphones a little while ago, and I gotta say they're overpriced. The $20 Skullcandy's I had before have better sound quality. However, they're a lot more durable. I went through about... Read More »

What are some good skateboarding ear buds?

Are the boqari q1 ear buds by j labs any good?

They are from about 20 pounds to 300 pounds depending on the type. eg: image s3's are about 20£, while the x10's are about 200£

Are skullcandy ear buds good quality?

the purpose of headphones is if u were in the car and u wanted to listen to sum mucic and someone didnt want u to then u cud listen to the song on some headphones and they would not hear it that is... Read More »