Are the Directx 10 for windows xp downloads safe?

Answer Yes it's safe. But go to programs in the control panel and make a backup (takes less than 2 mins) just to be safe.Get the most popular one.

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How do I get DirectX 9 on Windows 7 64 bit?…after you download/install that, it should work fine.

How to Install DirectX 9 to Windows XP?

DirectX 9 refers to the group of multimedia APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) Microsoft developed to enhance sound, video and input functions. DirectX is made up of Direct3D, DirectPlay, Di... Read More »

How do I add DirectX 9 to Windows Vista?

Visit the DirectX 9 download page on the Microsoft Downloads Web site (see Resources). Click on the "Download" button. Save the file (dxwebsetup.exe) to a convenient location on your hard drive, th... Read More »

Does Windows XP professional x64 support DirectX 10?

The 64-bit version of Windows XP Professional does not support DirectX 10, nor will any other version of Windows XP. As of 2010, only Windows Vista and Windows 7 support DirectX 10.References:Tech ... Read More »