Are the Bestbuy display HDTVs in HD?

Answer Most of the programming shown, is in HD, with a few exceptions. The problem at let's say Best they have 100 different sets running the same feed....and because of this, the quality of the ... Read More »

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How much more expensive were hdtvs then sdtvs when hdtvs were introduced?

Are lcd hdtvs as reliable as oled hdtvs?

OLED TVs have a much shorter lifespan than LCD TVs and may have burn in issues. LCD TVs are a proven technology and are much more reliable at this point.

When you buy a iPad 2 from bestbuy will it come pre charged?

It is very unlikely that it will be charged as you will have to plug it into itunes when you get it and register it and then you will be able to charge it using the wall charger that comes with the... Read More »

BestBuy or Circut city?

Best Buy because Circuit City is like a cave. Best Buy like a party.