Are the Army a branch of the Navy?

Answer The US Army is not part of the US Navy .EDIT:The Marine Corps is technically part of the Navy

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The pea coat or pea jacket is usally assocaited with one branch of the millatary service wich branch is that wich one is it Army Marines or Navy?

What branch is in charge of the army or navy?

In the US, the Joint Chiefs of Staff run the Military. They report to the Commander in Chief, the President of the United States. The highest ranking officer in each branch is a member of the Joi... Read More »

Does the legislative branch raise an army and navy?

If he has just left the army he maybe just catching up on some lost time by spending it with his friends, or doing things he enjoys. Have a talk with him and see what he thinks.

What branch of gov is in charge of raising an army and navy?