Are the 3-D glasses provided at the theater for Coraline?

Answer Yes, the movie theater will provide you with glasses for the movie Coraline as it is a 3-D film. Movie theaters do not expect you to bring your own glasses to the theater.Source:Go:Coraline

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Do you need 3D glasses for Coraline in 3D?

To view Coraline 3D in a movie theater, you will need 3D glasses. However, if you purchase a DVD of Coraline it comes in both 2D and 3D versions, with glasses

Can i use the 3d glasses provided in theatre to watch 3d movies on my computer?

Theatres project two different images on the screen sequentially using polarized light to differentiate between each. The glasses use polarized filters to block the image that is intended for the o... Read More »

Is there any 3D TV that uses 3D glasses like those at movie theater?

Passive 3D TVs polarizing glasses similar to those at the movie theaters.

Will your Panasonic 3d glasses work at movie theater?

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