Are the 12 memorial stones still by the Jordan River?

Answer The Bible's Joshua 4:20 reads, "Take for yourselves twelve stones from here, out of the midst of the Jordan, from the place where the priests' feet stood firm." That place was Gilgal, a lost ancien... Read More »

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Are there memorial stones of any kind outside the George H W Bush Center of Central Intelligence?

In a way they are. It really depends on the assignment the agency has given them.

Is Michael Jordan still married to Juanita?

Michael and Juanita Jordan divorced in 2006. They initially filed for divorce in 2002, but withdrew the petition and attempted to reconcile. The decision to divorce in 2006 was “mutual and amicab... Read More »

Is the train still in the River Tay?

You can't have researched it very thoroughly! Have you tried looking in books? (a bit old-fashioned, I realise). Even so, Wikipedia has extensive coverage of the disaster, mentions the fact that th... Read More »

Is michael jordan still affiliated with nike?

Michael Jordan is still affiliated with Nike. Despite the discontinuation of the famous Air Jordan sneakers in 1997, Nike still continues to make shoe brands with Jordan, but they marginalize their... Read More »