Are test tube babies more prone to sickness?

Answer Giardiasis, more than likely. There are many parasites, like amoebas or protozoans, like giardia, that cause those symptoms. Usually the symptoms are eggy belches, foul-smelling loose stools, naus... Read More »

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Advantages of having test tube babies?

The advantages of having a test tube/IVF baby is that you would not have to adopt and also your baby would not have any disease when it is born because the doctors would of got rid of any disease's... Read More »

Are test tube babies born with extraordinary powers?

No There is no evidence to suggest that babies conceived in vitro have any extraordinary abilities or deficits.

Do babies get motion sickness?

On One Hand: Motion Sickness Can Happen to AnyoneMotion sickness is caused by the inner ear feeling movement that the rest of the body and eyes do not sense. Anyone can feel motion sickness from th... Read More »

Why are older people more prone to be diagnosed with melanoma?

Cancer is mainly a disease of old age, with more than half of all patients being over age 65. Melanoma is simply following the pattern.Fortunately, skin cancer other than melanoma is the most curab... Read More »