Are terms of service violation judgments made fairly and equitably?

Answer When they delete a question for service violation judgments....they always tell you to read the community guidelines. You can appeal and sometimes they will reinstate the question or answer I thin... Read More »

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Who actually reads all of Facebook's terms of service.. and....?

I did, because we work with Facebook advertisement. And you would be surprised to know that everything you put on now Facebook's property...oh yes it is, you should read it sometime..... Read More »

How did my answer violate the Yahoo! terms of service?

Not a unique experience, my friend. Happens when you try to give serious sincere advice.Never tell a schoolkid he/she shouldn't be wasting precious study time trying to find ways to bypass officia... Read More »

Can Home owner association send a bill for the bylaw Violation without sending you the letter to correct the violation?

Read your governing documents to determine the process that the board must follow in this particular violation situation. There are violations for which there is zero tolerance, such as unattended ... Read More »

Did ronald reagan have secret service protection after his terms in office?