Are termites color blind?

Answer Except for king and queen termites, wingless workers, as well as other members of the colony, are blind. Blind termites may be able to distinguish between light and dark, but they lack the function... Read More »

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Are termites blind?

Termites, of all varieties, that belong to the worker and soldier castes are blind, having undeveloped eyes. However, those that belong to the reproductive castes do have functional, compound eyes.... Read More »

What color are termites?

Termites are different colors, dependent on the jobs they do. Workers range from a cream white to gray white color. Soldiers have brownish yellow heads. The body color of a swarmer termite ranges f... Read More »

How Do People See Color If They Are Color Blind?

There are different types of color blindness, depending on which of the cones in the retina are affected. There are three types of cone cells: red cones, blue cones and green cones. If one of these... Read More »

Are hamsters color blind?

Hamsters, small rodents that may be kept as pets, are colorblind. This does not mean that they are completely blind---only that they are unable to see colors other than shades of black and white.So... Read More »