Are telestep ladders safe?

Answer On One Hand: Telestep Ladders Are SafeTelestep ladders have a unique device that allows them to expand for up to 12 1/2 feet or be broken down to 30 inches. The design also allows them to be folded... Read More »

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How are ladders made?

Ladders can be made out of different materials. Wooden ladders were once the most common but now most ladders are made out of aluminum and steel. Ladders made out of rope are used in some instances... Read More »

Who manufactures Gorilla ladders?

Gorilla ladders are manufactured by Tricam Industries. Gorilla ladders come in a variety of different sizes and designs. Models include the PL-2, HSP-2HD, AS-2, AS-3, HB2-2, HB3-2 and the HB3-PL.Re... Read More »

When was Chutes& Ladders invented?

Game maker Milton Bradley Company made the first commercially produced game of Chutes and Ladders in 1943. The board game borrows the basic design from Snakes and Ladders, the Mortality Game of Ind... Read More »

Types of Extension Ladders?

Most people learn that they cannot perform every task from the ground. In some instances an extension ladder is required to accomplish the task. An extension ladder allows a person to gain access t... Read More »