Are teeth whitening products dangerous?

Answer On One Hand: They Are MildTooth-whitening products that you can buy at the grocery or drug store are very mild. Most of them contain a bleach and peroxide mixture that is very weak, according to To... Read More »

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Is this teeth whitening method dangerous or safe?

Teeth whitening doesn't really fit into the realm of being 'safe' or really being 'dangerous'. The only real danger bleaching has is that it can lead to sensitivity in teeth as well as gum tissue,... Read More »

Best teeth whitening products?

Crest 3d white strips do work,walmart got em for like 32 ducks

About Over the Counter Teeth Whitening Products?

People looking for whiter teeth have more options than ever. Patients do not have to spend thousands of dollars on dental veneers and other procedures offered by the dental profession. Over the cou... Read More »

How to Get Whiter teeth without Commercial Whitening Products?

White teeth is a necessity for a beautiful smile. Straight teeth are no longer good enough. Now you have to have straight and pearly white teeth to have a winning smile. There are many commercial w... Read More »