Are teens allowed in restaurant bars?

Answer NoThe line varies state to state, but no bar/concert venue allows children in. The fact that they serve food rarely changes this. At age 14, not only does the liquor board not want you in there, bu... Read More »

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Are people under 21 allowed in bars in California?

Some bars let children in before a certain time of if they don't have alcohol. It depends on the type of licence they have

Famous Bars & Restaurants in NYC..Also,Is Ja George A Restaurant?

The restaurant that Monica and Chandler went to is Jean Georges. It's pronounced "John George". It's address is 1 Central Park West, which is (more or less) at 8th Avenue and 60th Street. It's v... Read More »

Is alcohol allowed to be served alfresco in New Orleans if the establishment is not a restaurant?

Alcohol can most certainly be served alfresco in New Orleans, regardless of whether the establishment is a restaurant or not. Customers can purchase drinks to take with them on the go. The only rul... Read More »

If I get AT&T Wireless, I hear they give you more bars in more places. Do the extra bars have drink specials?

They have ladies night on Thursdays (call 1-900-for info)Karaoke on Fridays (must have mp3 on phone to play)No roaming charges for bar hoppingand Wednesday night "anytime is happy hour time" minutes.