Are teaching certificate renewals tax deductible?

Answer While fees paid in order to renew your teaching certificate may be tax deductible, this is largely up to the state government. Whether or not the fee is deductible is not uniform on a federal level... Read More »

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Can you get a type 75 certificate without having a teaching certificate?

The Type 75 Certification has four types of endorsement: Principal Endorsement, Chief School Business Endorsement, Superintendent Endorsement and Director of Special Education Endorsement. Only the... Read More »

Are Souvenirs Used for Teaching Tax Deductible?

Teachers use manipulatives and visual aids to demonstrate concepts and to provide eye candy to keep student interest. Travelers buy souvenirs as mementos of their visits, but the trinkets, tchotchk... Read More »

How to Update a Teaching Certificate?

Regardless of where you are teaching or at what level, there will come a time when you will need to update your teaching certificate or license. This update may be due to adding another subject to ... Read More »

How to Get a Teaching Certificate in Texas?

A historic teaching certificate from 1872.Texas is suffering from an increasing shortage of new college graduates qualified to teach. The Texas Education Agency now accepts not only certificates fr... Read More »