Are teacher union dues tax-deductible?

Answer The amount of money that teachers spend on their union dues is tax-deductible. Other expenses that teachers can write up include business travel expenses, books and magazines used for work purposes... Read More »

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Are HOA dues tax-deductible?

Home owner's association (HOA) bills are not tax-deductible because you typically get services in return for dues, such as lawn care, according to However, you can deduct certain other ... Read More »

What Are IBEW Union Dues?

The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, or IBEW, is a union organization for workers in electrical trades. As with other unions, members support the organization's mission and benefit ... Read More »

Does the U.S. government collect union dues from employees?

Although the U.S. government does not collect union dues, many government employees belong to unions. The unions collect the dues, not the government. The largest union for U.S. government employe... Read More »

How can you prevent your payments on condo association dues being applied to late fees instead of dues?

Review your governing documents to determine when late fees are charged. When you pay your assessments on time, there is no late fee; when you pay your assessments late, you pay a late fee.Late fee... Read More »