Are tea leaves good for roses?

Answer On One Hand: Promote Plant HealthAccording to the "Illustrated Guide to Gardening", spreading tea leaves around the base of your rosebushes will help promote health in your roses. It's best to use ... Read More »

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How to Keep Leaves Green on Roses?

Striking blossoms are not the only reason that gardeners grow roses. Rose plant foliage contributes a dramatic backdrop to landscaping. Discolored rose leaves can be a sign of numerous problems ran... Read More »

How to Troubleshoot Yellow Leaves on Knockout Roses?

Knockout roses were bred to resist disease and insects, but unfortunately they are not immune to issues. Inspect your knockout roses regularly to catch problems as early as possible. The various pr... Read More »

Yellow Leaves & Brown Spots on Roses?

Yellow leaves and brown spots on roses may be caused by pests, nutrient deficiency, environmental factors and diseases. Yellowing leaves may also be caused by excess water. Brown and black spots ma... Read More »

Roses with leaves instead of petals?

sounds like a disease of some kind. could be bacterial or viral. Take the entire rose-maybe an entire stem with foliage-to a local garden center where they can look at the rose and help diagnose ... Read More »