Are tax liens legal?

Answer A tax lien is a claim against assets filed by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), your county tax assessor or some other taxing authority. The tax lien is put in place to collect past-due taxes.Le... Read More »

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Are IRS liens always first?

On One Hand: The IRS Comes FirstThe IRS states in its tax code that at least as of 2010, an IRS tax obligation automatically comes first and is placed in front of all other bills, liens or claims o... Read More »

Where do you look up liens on your home?

Visit your local land records office and the staff will assist you. Any liens against you and your real property must be filed there.

Liens Against Foreclosures?

Foreclosure can be a messy business when the property is subject to various competing claims or liens from different parties. A lien is a claim to property that may be affected by foreclosure, or ... Read More »

What Are the Various Types of Liens?

The simplest definition for a lien, regardless of industry, is a claim made against specific property owned by you. It serves as a way to prevent the owner from selling without paying off the lien,... Read More »