Are taser guns illegal in Texas?

Answer Tasers or stun guns are not illegal in Texas. Many state law enforcement agencies use them. Civilians are also permitted to carry personal safety Tasers, which can stop threats up to a distance of ... Read More »

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Are taser guns illegal?

On One Hand: Not in Most StatesMost states allow civilians to carry a taser gun without any restrictions as to their use or where they may be carried. Other states may allow you to own and carry an... Read More »

Are pellets guns& BB guns illegal in Texas?

Pellet guns and BB guns are legal in Texas. According to the National Rifle Association, both handguns and longguns can be purchased in Texas with no waiting period and without a license or permit ... Read More »

What are taser guns?

A Taser gun is a weapon that uses an electrical current to disrupt a person's muscle movement. Tasers are used by police departments to subdue suspects and by people who are attempting to fend off ... Read More »

How to Train for Taser Guns?

There have been many news stories about the use of Tasers. Some of them are pro Taser-gun use, some are con. Many states allow members of the public to own Taser guns. They are banned in some stat... Read More »