Are tankless water heaters good?

Answer On One Hand: Advantages of Tankless Water HeatersAccording to the U.S. Department of Energy, advantages of tankless water heaters include saving energy and money, continuous hot water, more closet ... Read More »

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Tankless water heaters?

We've had 2 of them. The first one - a bosch aquastar 125b was not big enough for our family (5 person household). Yes, we had unlimited hot water, but if anyone TOUCHED another hot water tap whi... Read More »

Do tankless water heaters need to be pressurized?

Tankless water heaters do require a minimum pressurization and flow rate to work as intended. It is recommended that, when searching for a tankless water heater, you select one that can operate at... Read More »

How much LP do tankless water heaters burn?

The amount of propane (LP) used by tankless water heaters depends on the Btu rating and the daily hot water use. Syndicated columnist Tim Carter gives the example that a 165,000 Btu tankless heater... Read More »

How much gas do tankless water heaters burn?

A tankless water heater typically uses two to three times as much natural gas as a standard residential water heater. Some models of tankless water heaters can use some 230,000 BTUs of natural gas ... Read More »