Are tandem circuit breakers safe?

Answer On One Hand: Safety TestedTandem circuit breakers are useful because they put two breakers into just one position on a circuit panel. They are approved for use by the National Electric Code for spe... Read More »

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Is it safe to use a 20amp outlet with 15amp circuit breakers?

In North America it would not be a problem if those are 15/20 amp devices. If they are 20 amp devices you need a 20 amp cord cap to use them. Except for certain AC units a 120 volt 20 amp device... Read More »

Is it safe to flip circuit breakers during a power outage?

Yes. In fact, flipping the circuit breakers, including the main breaker, to the off position and switching them on, one by one, can help to identify whether a power outage is general (affecting all... Read More »

How to Determine when to Use Arc Fault Circuit Interrupters (Af Circuit Breakers)?

AFCI or "Arc Fault Circuit Interrupters" are the latest in electrical safety devices for dwellings. AFCI standards were introduced in the 1999 NEC (National Electrical Code) and are required in new... Read More »

How many circuit breakers are in a circuit breaker panel?

The number of circuit breakers in a circuit breaker panel is determined by the expected need of all appliances and outlets in the house. It is recommended that more breakers be installed than you'... Read More »