Are tam junipers blight resistant?

Answer According to the Plant and Soil Science department at Texas Tech University, one of the problems that tam junipers experience is juniper blight, which is a disease that manifests in small, irregula... Read More »

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Are blue star junipers deer resistant?

Gardeners consider many different varieties of spreading junipers to be deer resistant. Deer generally avoid blue star juniper, also known as Juniperus squamata 'Blue Star.' The New Jersey Agricult... Read More »

Blight Resistant Pear Trees?

Fire blight is a virulent plant disease caused by the bacterium Erwinia amylovora that attacks more members of the Rose family, including pear and apple trees. Cankers develop on bark, and in pears... Read More »

Where to find wv 63 tomato plants that are blight resistant in wv?

Do you prefer the "blight" resistant tomato plants or the "good ole" regular kind?

Over the years so much good stuff has been hybridized OUT of our old faithfuls. Newer tomatoes are less acidic and whereas we would can tomatoes for winter, it's no longer safe because they're not ... Read More »