Are t5 or t8 bulbs better?

Answer On One Hand: T8 Bulbs Are PracticalAlthough T8 holds the higher number of the two, it actually only puts out around 15 to 32 watts of energy, depending on size. They tend to max out at around 59 wa... Read More »

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Are LED light bulbs or fluorescent bulbs better?

On One Hand: Compact Fluorescents Have the EdgeCompact fluorescent (CFL) bulbs are better than LED lights in terms of initial cost and lighting quality, according to CFLs don't bur... Read More »

Why is it better to buy the energy bulbs?

Are halogen bulbs better?

On One Hand: They're BetterHalogen bulbs have many advantages over traditional incandescent bulbs, including the ability to produce a brighter quality of light, which reduces eyestrain. Halogens ar... Read More »

Are the new light bulbs better?

On One Hand: Last Longer and Save MoneyAccording to the U.S. Department of Energy's Energy Star program, compact fluorescent bulbs last 10 times longer than conventional incandescent bulbs and use ... Read More »