Are synthetic diamonds any good?

Answer On One Hand: Synthetic Diamonds Are GoodSynthetic diamonds have become so mainstream that the Gemological Institute of America, the organization responsible for the "four C's of cut, color, clarity... Read More »

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What is the definition of""synthetic diamonds""?

Apply huge amounts of pressure and heat to graphite and you have the recipe for a synthetic diamond. These laboratory-made stones have all the qualities of mined diamonds, but cost much less.Histo... Read More »

Are enhanced diamonds good?

On One Hand: Enhanced Diamonds are GoodAn enhanced diamond is a diamond that had visible flaws but has been corrected, either by filling or by laser treatment. The value of the diamond is not reduc... Read More »

Are D color diamonds good?

On One Hand: D Is Absolutely ColorlessDiamonds classified as D grade are considered to be colorless, which is highly desirable. A colorless diamond will have increased sparkle and will be more expe... Read More »

Are Costco diamonds good quality?

On One Hand: Quality Diamonds at a Good PriceExperts have determined there are several high-quality diamonds sold at Costco for a decent price. Shoppers can save thousands of dollars on a diamond a... Read More »