Are swimming pools tax deductible?

Answer Swimming pools are typically not tax deductible, according to Kiplinger, but they can be under certain circumstances. One man with emphysema won a court case because he used his swimming pool to im... Read More »

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What can be done to eliminate skin rashes from swimming in bromine pools if you do not have a reaction in chlorine pools?

I have a major problem with bromine and get a horrible rash when I swim with it. The only thing that sort of works is to use a barrier cream (basically something that people use when they work with... Read More »

How many swimming pools are there in the US?

Answer According to USA Swimming and the National Swimming Pool Foundation there are 10 million Swimming Pools in the United States, with 360,000 Public Pools that stay open all year.

How are swimming pools used?

Answer Swimming pools are used for recreation. Answer They are used for swimming in.

Why should schools have swimming pools?

Schools should have swimming pools because they can learn new things like CPR and how to swim, they can express themselves by having new hobbies, and can stay healthy by having a new sport to parti... Read More »