Are sweet apricot kernels safe to eat?

Answer On One Hand: International ReputationThe sweet apricot kernel, nicknamed the poor man's almond because it imparts an almond flavor to foods but costs far less than almonds, is a key ingredient in a... Read More »

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Do apricot kernels really work?

Apricot kernels contain cyanide. Symptoms of cyanide poisoning they are know to cause include nausea, fever, rashes, headaches, insomnia, increased thirst, weakness, lethargy, nervousness, aches an... Read More »

How to Make Khubani Ka Meetha (Apricot Based Sweet)?

This is a very mughlai sweet, it can be served to vegans, as it is fruit based and does not have any dairy products.

Is splenda a safe sweet substitute for sugar?

On One Hand: Splenda Backed by 100 StudiesThe National Cancer Institute says there is no scientific proof that any FDA-approved sweeteners such as Splenda or sucralose cause cancer, according to a ... Read More »

Is sweet corn safe during pregnancy?