Are swedish fish really from sweden?

Answer Swedish fish originally were made by Malco, which was a Swedish company. The candy was created with the American market in mind. Today they are owned by the Cadbury Adams Company. They are manufact... Read More »

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Do you need an entry visa for the USA coming from Sweden with a Swedish passport?

Sweden is a signatory country into the U.S. Visa Waiver Program (VWP). This means that most Swedish citizens traveling with a Swedish passport will be allowed to enter the United States as a touris... Read More »

Why are swedish fish called swedish fish?

Swedish fish are chewy, fruity, fish-shaped candies that are aptly named for their country of origin. Although the treat has its roots in Sweden, it has been a popular candy throughout North Americ... Read More »

Where do swedish fish come from?

Swedish Fish candy, known in Sweden as "Pastellfiskar," are colorful many-flavored gummies that come in a wide variety of sizes and have the words "Swedish" or "Malaco" imprinted on the sides of ea... Read More »

How to Eat Swedish Fish?

Most of us have seen these gummi and chewy candies that are shaped like a fish. They come bagged, or loose wherever loose candies are sold. They are also sold in boxes in movie theaters. They are l... Read More »