Are sway bars needed after coilover installation?

Answer Sway bars are not needed after coil over installation. Coil overs are used to lower a vehicle so it sits closer to the ground. Sway bars are optional, but can be used to improve the handling of the... Read More »

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Coilover Installation Instructions?

An aftermarket coilover suspension system will give your car a lowered ride-height while improving its overall handling ability. Coilover suspensions feature a more rigid spring and shock setup whe... Read More »

Installation Instructions for Coilover Lowering Springs?

Coilover spring rear suspensions have the weight supporting coil spring and the shock absorber combined into a single unit resembling a MacPherson strut. Shortening the coil spring has been the fav... Read More »

What Do the Sway Bars on a Car Do?

Sway bars (a.k.a "stabilizer" or "anti-roll" bars) are an important part of any vehicle's suspension, and are designed so that they may easily be altered or replaced to tune the vehicle's handling ... Read More »

How to Hook Up Sway Bars?

Swaybars are simple but effective devices that reduce excessive body roll (also called lean) when a car is driven around corners. The swaybar is thin length of metal, sometimes solid and sometimes ... Read More »