Are swamp coolers seasonal?

Answer A swamp cooler, sometimes called evaporative cooling, is a seasonal device for cooling, much like an air conditioner. However, where AC is meant to remove moisture from the air, a swamp cooler work... Read More »

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How to Install Automobile Swamp Coolers?

A swamp cooler (or evaporative cooler) cools air through the evaporation of water over the cooler's blower. Swamp coolers have been popular in homes in dry climates for quite a few years, because t... Read More »

Can you take coolers to the zoo?

Some zoos allow coolers and picnics on their premises. Some zoos have limits on when you can bring coolers. Other zoos, such as the Indianapolis Zoo, prohibit coolers or picnics. Your best option: ... Read More »

DIY Body Coolers?

As the mercury rises on the thermometer, people from New York City to Los Angeles must find ways to beat the heat. If you are lucky enough to have an unlimited budget that allows you to cool your h... Read More »

Transmission Coolers FAQ?

Transmission coolers are used to cool transmission fluid by sending it through specialized coils before routing it back into the transmission. They can be installed by a mechanic or at home by thos... Read More »