Are suvs safer to drive than cars?

Answer On One Hand: SUVs are Not Safer than CarsIt is easy to assume you are safer in an SUV, as opposed to a car. However, according to Joe Nolan, senior vice president at the Insurance Institute for Hig... Read More »

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Do you think larger cars are safer to drive than smaller cars especially if they are involved in an accident?

Uh yeah... If you have a accident in a small car your a$$ is grass.

Why do most people prefer to drive stick shift cars rather than automatic cars Are stick shifts better?

I thought most people prefer automatics. But sticks are more fun and keep you busy.

Is it true that women have less accidents then man because they drive smaller cars than men?

Its NOT the smaller cars that do it, is it, cos some women drive 4x4 so that throws that arguement right out the window.The reason women have fewer accidents than men is because MOST women are cons... Read More »

Are you safer in a big car than a small car?

Which is better, surviving the collision, or avoiding the collision?The big car is better for surviving, the little car is better to avoid.IMO, it better to avoid the collision, hence IMO the small... Read More »