Are suspended ceilings okay above a shower?

Answer On One Hand: Space and FunctionA suspended ceiling is an option with space to install the suspended ceiling grid and tiles below the existing ceiling. Allow a minimum of six inches working space ab... Read More »

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Who invented suspended ceilings?

Donald A. Brown of Westlake, Ohio, invented the suspended ceiling (also known as a drop ceiling or false ceiling). He was awarded the patent on May 23, 1961. The suspended ceiling helps to hide the... Read More »

What are suspended ceilings made of?

A suspended ceiling, also known as a dropped ceiling, can have panels made of mineral fiber, fiberglass acoustical board or translucent plastic (for lighting). To hold the panels in place, wood pla... Read More »

How to Install Bath Fans in Suspended Ceilings?

Bath fans are needed in bathrooms to exhaust warm and humid air, which prevents mold and rot. Some bathrooms have suspended ceilings in lieu of drywall ceilings. Suspended ceilings actually make in... Read More »

Is it okay to reach above your head when you are 37 weeks pregnant?

answer You have obviously heard the old wives tale that the baby will become tangled in its cord. This is a load of nonsense, the baby in the uterus is totally isolated from the rest of your muscl... Read More »