Are surge protectors worth the money when it comes to TVs?

Answer The surge protector serves two purposes. One, it prevents the tv from being fried in event of a power surge, lightning or otherwise, and number two it also helps to clean up any interferance that ... Read More »

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Do surge protectors wear out?

Surge protectors can wear out over time. Inside a surge protector is an MOV (metal oxide varistor) trapping device that absorbs excessive voltage from power spikes. The life span of the MOV shorten... Read More »

Are surge protectors protecting?

On One Hand: Surge Protectors Save ComputersA surge protector is your most effective line of defense against power surges caused by storms, construction or faulty electrical work. Electrical event... Read More »

Appropriate surge protectors for LCD HDTV?

Answer Monster Power Audio Video Power Center AV 700. I found it at Best Buy.

A question about surge protectors?

Do NOT mess about with surge protectors.It's faulty so send it back. You have been sold a pig in a poke by the seller.Probably why he was flogging it anyway.If it suddenly decides to play up when y... Read More »