Are surge protectors worth the money when it comes to TVs?

Answer The surge protector serves two purposes. One, it prevents the tv from being fried in event of a power surge, lightning or otherwise, and number two it also helps to clean up any interferance that ... Read More »

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How exactly do surge protectors work?

They essentially short circuit to absorb the spike. If it is severe enough, it will sacrifice itself, and you will need to replace the surge protector, or the MOV.More than likely it was power brie... Read More »

A question about surge protectors?

Do NOT mess about with surge protectors.It's faulty so send it back. You have been sold a pig in a poke by the seller.Probably why he was flogging it anyway.If it suddenly decides to play up when y... Read More »

Appropriate surge protectors for LCD HDTV?

Answer Monster Power Audio Video Power Center AV 700. I found it at Best Buy.

What is the cost of surge protectors?

Surge protectors vary in price depending on how big you need one to be. Some surge protectors even come with guarentee's that they will not ruin your electronics. Surge protectors run from $10 to $30.