Are sunlight saunas really safe?

Answer On One Hand: Lowers blood pressure and eases sore musclesSunlight Saunas are safe because they use technology that replicates sunlight, without hurtful rays that cause sunburns. These saunas are ab... Read More »

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Are Infrared Saunas Safe?

If regular saunas get a little too hot for you, you may have looked into infrared saunas but are concerned about potential health hazards. However, if you are in good health, you can use an infrar... Read More »

Are far infrared saunas safe?

On One Hand: Far Infrared Saunas Pose No DangerFar infrared saunas are just as safe (if not safer) as traditional saunas. Unlike traditional saunas, which use steam to heat the air, far infrared sa... Read More »

What is a safe maximum temperature for saunas?

According to United States regulations, saunas must not be operated at temperatures above 195 degrees Fahrenheit. Never stay in a sauna for more than 30 minutes and always drink plenty of fluids be... Read More »

What are the benefits of rock heater saunas vs. infrared saunas?

Both infrared and rock steamer saunas have health benefits. There are some advantages and disadvantages that each one has over the other. These should be weighed when deciding which one is best.Ide... Read More »