Are sunflower seeds shelled?

Answer Sunflower seeds are not typically shelled prior to sale. The National Sunflower Association estimates that 25% of all sunflower consumption is in-shell (includes the shell); sunflower seeds are oft... Read More »

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How many cups of sunflower seeds equal 1/4 cup shelled?

According to the David's Sunflower Seeds nutritional information both on the package and on their website, ¼ cup of shelled sunflower seeds equates to three times its volume or ¾ cup of seeds in ... Read More »

I have Niger, sunflower, bird mix and peanuts hanging in my garden. Only the sunflower seeds get eaten?

The niger or black thistle is favored by a lot of the finches. Sunflower is a major draw to a lot of birds and I would expect peanuts to generate some interest. The bird mix, however, contains a... Read More »

Scientific Term for the Arrangement of Sunflower Seeds in the Head of a Sunflower?

Two scientific terms are associated with the patterns in the head of a sunflower, the leaflets of a pine cone, and other patterns that seem orderly in nature. However, neither the "golden ratio" no... Read More »

What kind of sunflower seeds are used to grow the sunflower greens?

Sunflower seeds for planting come in two main types. The first kind has a shiny black shell and is used for planting sunflowers with high oil content in the seeds, for use in bird seed mixes and su... Read More »