Are sunflower seed shells biodegradable?

Answer Yes, sunflower seeds are biodegradable.... All things that come from plants are biodegradable.

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Are empty peanut shells biodegradable?

How to Remove Sunflower Seeds From Shells?

The nutty sunflower seed makes for a delicious snack that can be eaten on its own on the go or added to salads, desserts and entrees. Although the seeds can be bought already out of the shell, it i... Read More »

How do I remove the shells from Sunflower seeds so I can snack on them?

Bite them, the shell will crack and you can get the meaty part out...

Can shells from sunflower seeds kill plants?

Sunflower shells can indeed kill plants. The toxins in the shell can kill living plants by a process called allelopathy. This can be a problem for birdhouse owners that use feed containing sunflo... Read More »