Are sun tanning beds safe?

Answer On One Hand: Sun Tanning Beds Are Not SafeThe Skin Cancer Foundation claims that any tan, "whether you get it on the beach, in a bed, or through incidental exposure, is bad news, any way you acquir... Read More »

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Are there any safe tanning beds?

Tanning beds are an extremely popular option for people in less sunny areas, or those who simply like the convenience of tanning whenever they want. However, using a tanning bed can lead to serious... Read More »

Is it Safe for Men to Tan in Tanning Beds?

Health and appearance conscious men and women have been admiring the look of beautifully bronzed skin for decades. Men, especially, love the way tanned skin emphasizes the appearance of well-sculp... Read More »

Are tanning beds safe to use while pregnant?

On One Hand: Avoid Tanning Beds While PregnantFor several reasons, it is not good to tan naturally or in a tanning bed when you are pregnant. Skin is more susceptible to sunburn while pregnant, acc... Read More »

Stand Up Tanning Beds Vs. Lay Down Tanning Beds?

If you are looking for a thorough tan that covers your entire body, stand-up tanning beds are your answer. They can save you time, give you more accurate coverage, and ease your fears of confined ... Read More »