Are sun-protective swimsuits really worth it?

Answer On One Hand: They Offer Added Sun ProtectionSun-protective swimsuits are made of fabric with a tighter weave, making it harder for the sun's rays to penetrate through to your skin. Also, sun-protec... Read More »

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Is it Really Worth Buying a Blue Ray Player Is the image really a lot better?

The difference is remarkable when you first see the HD picture. However, it soon wears off and you start to wonder whether it was such a good investment after all. My best advice would be to buy a ... Read More »

Is HD tuner really worth?

Oh my Gosh! HD is SOOOO Worth it. You just can't believe it til you see it for yurself! I have a 37" flat screen LCD and it's awsome. I bet it'd be even better on a 42"er.

Is facebook really worth it?

its so you can find out what your friends are doing, your can messgae them, play games with them, or even your (crush) its worth it to spare time but if your just going to be using it to spy on peo... Read More »

Are iPods Really Worth It?

dont buy a GAYPOD, the software is rubbish for the pc you cant us anything but Itunes, buy either a creative labs ZEN player, or the latest sony ericsson if you have a mobile contract see if you ca... Read More »