Are sugargliders illegal in canada?

Answer Sugar gliders are small marsupials native to Australia. It is legal to have a sugar glider as a pet in some parts of Canada, such as Kitchener, Alberta, British Columbia, Toronto, Quebec, Perth and... Read More »

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Are tasers illegal in Canada?

Yes, tasers are illegal for civilian use in Canada; they are considered a prohibited weapon. They can only be imported into the country with a special permit and can only be sold to law enforcement... Read More »

Is bounty hunting in Canada illegal?

Although bounty hunting is legal in the United States, it is illegal in Canada. Cases of American bounty hunters coming to Canada to pursue fugitives have led to bounty hunters being arrested and c... Read More »

Are radar detectors illegal in canada?

The use and possession of radar detectors is illegal in the Canadian provinces of Ontario, Manitoba, Quebec, and the Northwest and Yukon Territories. Police maintain the authority to confiscate rad... Read More »

Are stun guns illegal in Canada?

According to Canadian gun laws, it is illegal to own or use a stun gun. Canada also prohibits the possession or use of Tasers and devices that fire a projectile conducting electricity.Source:Panda:... Read More »