Are stun guns legal in Texas?

Answer As of 2010, stun guns are legal in Texas. There are no restrictions in handling this defense weapon. Please note, individuals who takes a stun gun from a law enforcement officer are guilty of a fel... Read More »

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Are stun guns legal in ct?

It is legal to purchase and own a stun gun in Connecticut as long as it is kept within the owner's home. A pending bill that would allow citizens to carry an electronic defense weapon if they have ... Read More »

Are stun guns legal in Michigan?

Stun guns are illegal in Michigan. The Michigan Penal Code Act 328 states that portable devices and weapons that direct electrical currents, impulses, waves or beams intended to incapacitate, tempo... Read More »

Are stun guns legal in california?

Stun guns are legal in California with certain stipulations. They cannot be brought into any local or state public buildings. Carrying one while on school grounds and during open public meetings is... Read More »

Are stun guns legal in Florida?

Stun guns are legal in Florida with certain restrictions. No one under the age of 16 can use a stun gun unless they are under adult supervision; a stun gun can not be carried in a concealed manner ... Read More »