Are students who are also parents more or less likely to succeed in school?

Answer Answer There are several theories about whether parents make good students... most of them negative, and along the lines of "If you have a family, you have less time to devote to school." This is... Read More »

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Do the appeals on wikipedia make you less likely or more likely to donate?

Neither, though they are intrusive and I find them annoying. I preferred before when it was one or two lines of text on the screen, rather than a large photo.

Strategies to Help Students Succeed in School?

Education is one of the most important functions of society, furnishing students with the essential skills for success in both their vocations and their daily lives. Educating students isn't always... Read More »

Do teens who smoke weed more likly or less likely to stay out of trouble?

They are more likely to stay out of trouble.

Do you think that guys are less likely to marry or introduce to his parents a girl that has a large tattoo?

It's the 21st century. He'll be familiar with the concept of people having tattoos since it's been around since BC and has recently become part of the mainstream. If he hates tattoos, that's fine, ... Read More »